Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Sunday Post #03

Hello girlies,

Finally I am on a break ! School is over... for two weeks. I know it's not much but I just needed it.

001. We had a rather relaxing week at school with the teachers going on strike and no tests. Pure bliss. The teachers have given us heaps and heaps of homework to do during the break though! Which is not good news. Ha. 

002. I finalized my Christmas presents on Wednesday. I actually had my own money to spend on people this year and it felt so good. I used to love receiving presents but I think I love giving just as much :) 

003. Christmas dinner at Carla's was amaze balls. Foie Gras and Sushi were involved. I know they don't go together but it was SO yummy. 

004. OMFGSWDIHWID Augustine gave me another Essie Nail Polish for Christmas and Astrid got me nail polishes from Topshop. Yeah, people know me as the nail polish addict. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU girlies. ( I know you'll be reading this Gus :p ) 

005. Got a new Comptoir des Cotonniers coat on Saturday! Will feature it in a post sometime soon :) 

006. It's my sister's birthday today so we went to Tsunami (Japanese restaurant you need to check out) and now we are going to cut her cake. Yum.

On that note, I am going to leave you because it's cutting-the-cake time :) Have a lovely Sunday evening. I think i'm going to watch a bit of telly tonight ! I never do... 

Ciao bambinas, 



  1. You must had have fabulous time, love essie nail polishes. xx

  2. Sounds like a great week :D

  3. Haha yes it was a really good week actually :) I love these posts cause it makes you realize the little things...