Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Easy Tasty Baked Tapenade Chicken

Hello there girlies,

I have been neglecting this space a little too much recently... Whoopsies ! But now that I am on holidays I'm going to be able to post so much more and maybe include a video or two :) Today I bring you this little dish that I made the other day when my mom wasn't in and that I had to cook. It is pretty much the easiest thing to do. Trust me !

These are the two main ingredients you are going to need : Boneless Chicken Breasts and Green Olive 

You are going to want to slit the chicken three times as you can see above. 

Put it in a baking dish and cover the chicken with tapenade (the more the yummier). Then add some white wine, oil, cloves and slices of tomatoes and there you have it. Some yummy dinner done in seconds! If I remember well I left it to cook for 25-30 mins in the oven. 

Dinner made in minutes and perfect for when you don't have time to do anything too complicated. 

Hope you like it, 


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