Monday, 3 October 2011

Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder

Hello Ladies!

I have not done a review in a long long time but my shelves are oozing of new products waiting to be reviewed. One of my newest purchases was Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder. I have been having extremely oily skin and i just couldn't handle it anymore! My dermatologist warned me not to use blotting papers as they actually end up giving you oilier skin on the long term. So off I went to my Superdrug to find the perfect loose powder to absorb all of the excess oil.

Claims : Beautiful Matte Perfection. Air-Soft Feel. Matte Finish. 

This powder actually came with an applicator which i actually dropped in the bus ( clumsy me! ) but it honestly wasn't a big lost ! I now apply this powder with my Mac 129SH brush and it gives me an absolute perfect finish. What I love about this product is that it doesn't look cakey (when applied with a brush) ! It does a great job when it comes to absorbing the oils from your skin but what saddens me is that it doesn't last that long. I give it a 2-hour max lasting finish which is not that much to be honest and it just means you always have to go to the bathroom to re-apply a layer of it. I ( being at school ) don't necessarily have the time to put this over and over again... I really like this product though! It doesn't break me out and it does stick to their claims. I have the oiliest skin ever so that's maybe why this product has some difficulties stopping it but i honestly think that if your skin is not super oily this will be a great add-on to your make-up bag. Also this I have to say is AWESOME to bring around with you because it has a mirror !

Hope you all enjoyed this review and I will talk to y'all next time.  

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  1. Which is the shade? Can i use this to set garnier bb cream