Saturday, 15 October 2011

gift ideas for your girlfriends

Hi everyone !

Today's post is a little different from anything I have ever done but I thought this would be something helpful for any girl out there. Last week-end was my best friend's birthday and i had to find a present ( DOH!) . She wanted anything make-up. As i was scouring Harrods something caught my eye at the Benefit counter :

This make-up kit ! 

Benefit has these limited edition boxes specially made for gifts. ( I could honestly get one of these for myself though! )  This is what's inside : 

So sorry the picture is not the right way round ! You guys are either going to have to twist your heads or turn your computer around. :s Anyway, all the eye shadows are limited edition and they're just perfect for a smokey eye :) 

If you don't like the combination of products found in this box, go check out the nearest Benefit Counter near you! ( they have a lot more choices ) 

Hope this was helpful xo


  1. Thanks for this - so cute & think a friend of mine would love it!

    Nic x