Thursday, 18 August 2011

MAC Haul

I can't believe the title of my post includes the word "MAC" and "haul". I finally caved in and bought a few MAC products and i just bought very little compared to all the beauty addicts out there.

She's a hot baby don't you think ? She is MAC's Semi Precious Pressed Amber Mineralize blush and i love her. She gives you an amazing natural glow and that's why i chose her :) You might want to go look for her in stores right now before it runs out of stock as it is a limited edition !

If you are starting your make-up collection like me don't forget to purchase all the tools you will be needing ! I needed a blush brush and i chose MAC's 129SH because it came in a shorter version which i think is really practical when you travel and even just to bring it around with you as it comes in a little pouch!

The reason i even went to the MAC counter is because i was on the lookout for a nude lipstick and i had heard a lot about Hue in the blogosphere with people saying it is the must-have nude lipstick. Somehow, it didn't suit me at all and so i asked a MUA for a light pink/nude lipstick and he showed me this one. It really is an amazing lipstick and although it may look a little dark on the bullet it is , in my opinion, the perfect pinky nude lipstick ever.

I hope you all enjoyed my first ever purchases from MAC because i sure did enjoy buying them ! 

Also , who is coming to Zoe's aka London Lip Gloss's meet-up in london this week-end ?


  1. Fab products, i love MAC <3.

    Sadie x

  2. Great post! I was debating whether to get Politely Pink but ended up getting Plink! instead, however I think you may have convinced me to get this as well hehe :-)

  3. haha Politely Pink has become an absolute favorite of mine and i have been wearing it A LOT. You should definitely go get that one :)