Friday, 1 July 2011

Instant Noodles.

I have yet to post anything about food on this blog and if you follow me on Twitter or if you know me personally you probably know how much I love food. This is probably not the healthiest thing out there and it is not my favorite food but I do enjoy it once in a while ... Especially on those lazy days when you're not in the mood for cooking !

To calculate how much soup I want, I fill up the bowl, in which I'll be having my noodles, with the quantity of soup I want.

This is yummy . Although , I do prefer Maggi Noodles Chicken Flavor but I don't think I've seen this brand over here in the UK ! 

Anywho , if you've never tried these stuff you should definitely give it a go . Again , it is nothing compared to hand-made noodles you find in restaurants but when you're in a rush it does the trick. 

What are your favorite easy-to-do foods ? Please share in the comments below ! 

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