Monday, 4 July 2011

Five Things

I feel like this week has gone by too quickly ! Last night marked the end of Wimbledon , sadly , and also the end of Nadal's spot as World Number One . Although this week went by real fast I did manage to enjoy a few things ...

{ I ate a good amount of cherries this week. They all came from countryside farms ! }

{ I've been trying to finish this book forever ( and i'm still not done ! ). If you haven't read any books from Malcolm Gladwell do check them out. }

{ Guiltily enjoyed a Cornetto during these scorching London days. } 

{ Watched a lot of tennis - mainly Nadal matches . }

{ Seeing Djokovic win against Nadal was unexpected. I still haven't taken it in. }

I promise this will be the last post with me talking about tennis as I have been talking too much about it and it probably annoys a lot of people ! 

Have a lovely Monday everyone !

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