Saturday, 4 June 2011

Liberty Walk

Hey guys !

Sorry for not posting often this week but my exams are right around the corner and till then I won't be too active out here :( I will still try to post as much as possible but I can't promise you anything ! As soon as the exams are done I will be posting a lot because I have too many post ideas right now but I simply don't have the time to type  it all out and take the pictures ! However this Friday my friend and I had a 2 hour long lunch break and we decided to hit the park ! We snapped a few pictures :) All of these pictures were taken with my camera by Carla ( who clearly does not know how to take good pictures !!!) Haha but seriously . She has no patience at all and would just click on the button without making sure the camera focused ! Result = I am never the focus of the pictures .... Except for a few...

We played around in the park and everyone was staring at us ! But who cares ? We had fun :)

Outfit : Playsuit - Forever 21 , Sandals - Primark , Sunglasses - Yves Saint Laurent .

I have to admit that that day my outfit was sort of rushed up because i was starting school early so I had no jewelry on ! Next time I do an outfit post I'll make sure I'm looking me :) 

Alright , I hope you liked this post and I'll talk to you guys soon ! 

Ciao ! 


  1. hi, cute jumpsuit! where did you buy it? I love the color!

  2. Thanks AiRene ! It's from Forever 21 ! I bought it last summer though!