Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dove Summer Glow

Now that the hot weather is here and will be here for a while, everyone is wearing skirts , shorts , dresses ... Meaning, we're going to be showing off more skin than usual. Some people want to accelerate their tan and use self-tanning lotion's . I am among those who hate having white legs so last year I had the marvelous idea to buy a moisturizer "with a hint of self-tanning agents" (why am I emphasizing on the hint ? wait for it . )

So last year , one morning,  I decided I would wear a skirt and use my newly bought self tan moisturiser. Happy me spread all of it on my very white legs and there I was ready to go to school . When I got to school I started looking at my legs and right around the ankles there were these dark patches ... ( Just like the ones you can see in the above picture.) Imagine how embarrassed I was . The worst part is that it stayed on my legs for a pretty long time ... So , are they sure when they say "hint" because honestly those patches were not cool . The only thing I liked about this product was that it smelled lovely.

 Honestly , I only used it once and I'm not sure I'll be using it again ... The dark patches made me think twice and this year I'm going to go for a natural tan ! If you do have any recommendations when it comes to applying this, please do leave a comment ! 

Hope you had a great week-end and I'll talk to you soon ! 


FYI This is £5.10 at Boots !


  1. Use Jergins Moisturizer! It's amazing and won't leave those marks (just make sure you rub it in well)!