Sunday, 8 May 2011

25 Random Questions

So I know that this is what youtubers but after watching a video with these questions I thought I'd post it on my blog ! So here it goes ! 

1. Do you have any pets?  Sadly , I don't but I really want a small dog or a golden retriever ! 

2. Name 3 things that are physically close to you. My laptop , my favorite 4-colored pen and my phone .

3. What's the weather like right now? It's actually late at night as I type this so the sky is really dark haha

4. Do you drive? If so have you crashed? Not yet !

5. What time did you wake up this morning? 9am 

6. When was the last time you showered? 8 hours ago 

7. What was the last movie you saw? The Hangover ! and I absolutely fell in love with it and Bradley Cooper . Definitely on my list of favorite movies !

8. What does your last text message say? It says : " :p " haha 

9. What's your ringtone? I leave my phone on silent 99.9% of the day but I think it's Taylor Swift's Forever and Always :) 

10. Have you ever been to a different country? I actually have! I'm pretty lucky to have the opportunity to visit all these places : Singapore , Thailand , Indonesia , Malaysia , Australia , Japan , France , United Kingdom , Spain , Germany , Italy , Czech Republic , USA and Canada ! Wow . That is a lot . 

11. Do you like sushi? Hello ! You're talking to the girl who can't live without sushi ! If I had the choice to only eat one food for the rest of my life it would probs be sushi! 

12. Where do you buy your groceries? Waitrose ! ( well my mom does ! )

13. Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep faster? I am totally against these kind of medication to be honest ! If you have difficulty sleeping drink a glass of milk or drink tea ! Don't take medicine ! 

14. How many siblings do you have? A little sister 

15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop? LAPTOP 

16. How old will you be turning on your next birthday? OhMyGod . I'll be turning 18 . It's so weird to say that ! 

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses? Contacts ! 

18. Do you color your hair? Nope . I'm planning on leaving them as natural as possible. 

19. Tell me something you are planning to do today. I'm planning on sleeping as it is almost midnight ! 

20. When was the last time you cried? Last night . Don't ask me why ..

21. What is your perfect pizza topping? I recently tried out this recipe and the only toppings the pizza had was fig spread and parma ham . Definitely a new favorite for me !

22. Which do you prefer-hamburgers or cheeseburgers? Cheeseburgers ! I love the one from Gourmet Burger Kitchen :) Of course McDonalds is the best of the best but probably not the healthiest option ...

23. Have you ever had an all-nighter? Not yet ! But it might happen one day ! Who knows ? 

24. What is your eye color? A really light hazelnut color :) 

25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke? I can ! But if we were to go to a restaurant and they only had Pepsi I wouldn't mind having the Pepsi ! 

That was fast ! I TAG all of you reading this "Questionnaire" ! If you have a blog link your post in the comments and I'll definitely go and check it out ! If not , just post all your questions in the comments :) I love reading these sort of questions :D 

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