Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Messing Around

I was kind of just hanging out on the net the other day and decided to pay a visit to net-a-porter where I found some amazing shoes . I then checked Zara out too and here I am with a few of my favorite shoes for this summer :)

 These two flats are from Zara and I think that if you are looking for a pair of flats this summer they are either going to have to be neon colored or with a leopard print . I'm currently on the hunt for the top electric blue pointy ballerinas ! I went to Zara in Knightsbridge and they were out of my size :/
Wedges are quite a big deal this summer and I love this two-toned wedge , it would look perfect with a summer dress ! ( These are from Zara as well ! ) 

These wedges/clogs are from MiuMiu and I am OBSESSED with them . I mean they are amazingly perfect with like the studs on the side , the perfect utilitarian / army color but most of all the shape of the sandal part has to be the best part of this shoe . 
These shoes , from Jimmy Choo and Giuseppe Zanotti , seem to be from my point of view two amazing pairs for the upcoming summer nights out. The soft neutral tone of this shoe makes it perfect for those summer evenings by the beach , at a barbecue or even for a night out in the city ! 

Last but not least , these booties from Rag and Bone are perfect for Spring / Summer ! If you're heading to a festival or even a day out in the sun these could be perfect matched with shorts or even a summer dress ! 

Oh god . If you guys are still not aware , I have a slight obsession for shoes . I could talk all day about shoes and how they are almost the center of one's outfit. I think when it comes to shoes you need to be a little extravagant and not stay in the simple little black Louboutins ! You need to edge it up with either prints or studs or the list goes on ! If you need any tips or have any questions leave a comment below ! :) 

Toodles !

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