Saturday, 9 April 2011

Kid's Choice Awards

I have had these pictures forever but never really bothered putting them on here ! These two women ( yes I do consider Selena as a WOMAN , she is 18 years old after all ! ) had amazing outfits on that day check out my top two best dressed off these awards :)

OH MY GAWD. I am absolutely in LOVE with Heidi's platforms . I love them , they are amazing . Amazing . Amazing . Amazing. WOW . 

Selena's shoes are incredible as well . I love the baby blue color of these heels which add a little color to this pastel toned outfit. Her hair , make-up and outfit are flawless and I'm so jealous . 

Okay , I'm finishing an episode of Bones ( it actually just dinished this second.) and my eyes are closing resulting in me hardly even able to read and making these super long pauses . Nuff said , I'm going to bed right now. Nightie girlies !

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