Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Beginning

This being my first blog post , I thought I'd post a mixture of pictures I took with my new camera (A Nikon D5000) ! I spent Christmas in Biarritz , France where the weather was definitely what I needed after all the snow we got from London. Here are a few pictures I took :

This was the table decoration on Christmas Eve. Lovely isn't it ? ( I didn't do it :P )

My little sister laughing away

Check out the scenery 

The print on one of the PJ's I got for Christmas 

This pencil case was a present from one of my friends :)
Wow , I managed to do my very first post ! I thought I wouldn't make it ! Pathetic , I know but seriously for all you readers who are not bloggers you have no idea how hard it is to make each and every post of yours as interesting as possible . Even though I know no one is reading this blog for now I guess I'll just be blogging for myself...

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